Soundbug is an audio editor that can be used to visualize, inspect, analyze, and transform sound files. The application operates on individual files, much like a classic sound editor, but with a few modern twists. For starters, Soundbug embraces the notion of dynamic processing (i.e. effects with parameters that change over time) by offering control lines that can be attached to effects parameters, much like automation in a digital audio workstation. Control lines can be drawn manually, edited freely, saved to disk, and even loaded against different files. Furthermore, Soundbug offers a variety of operations to analyze audio and extract features from it. The results of time-varying analyses appear as automation lines, which can be linked to processing parameters, providing a direct connection between qualities inherent in the sound and the processing that is being applied. In addition to a variety of destructive processes, Soundbug supports audio unit plugins and includes the BoOm Audio Plugin Pack, a constantly growing suite of AUv3 plug-ins.

Feature Overview

  • - Compatible with macOS v10.15 - v14
  • - 64-bit application using Apple's latest Core Audio technology
  • - Support for AIFF, WAVE, Sound Designer 2, .mp3, .mp4, .m4a, and .aac file formats
  • - Support for Audio Unit v2 and v3 plugins
  • - Includes BoOm Audio Unit Bundle
  • - Automation for real-time and offline DSP parameters
  • - Advanced spectral analysis, including equal loudness scaling
  • - Audio feature extraction operations can be used as automation lines for effects
  • - In-place file editing (no proprietary format)
  • - Sound-on-sound playback

Signal Processing

Gain Change​​​​
Fade In (Linear)
Fade In (Equal Loudness)
Fade Out (Linear)
Fade Out (Equal Loudness)
Auto-Fade In & Out
Correlated Crossfade
Pitch Change
Varispeed Pitch Change
Pitch Change (Helmholtz Ratios)
2nd Order Biquad Filter
Butterworth Filter
Chebychev Filter
IIR 2-Pole Bandpass Filter
IIR 2-Pole Band Notch Filter
FIR Lowpass Filter
FIR Highpass Filter
Simple Delay
Spectral Gate
Spectral Grains
Spectral Filter
Spectral Multiband
Spectral Shift
Flip Channels
Mono to Stereo
Stereo to Mono
More Stereo

BoOm Audio Units

BoOm Ring Modulator
BoOm Tremolo
BoOm Biquad Filter
BoOm Bandpass Filter
BoOm Band Notch Filter
BoOm Lowpass Filter
BoOm Highpass Filter
BoOm Gain Envelope
... more coming

Analysis Operations

Peak Amplitude Envelope
RMS Amplitude Envelope
Spectral Centroid
Spectral Entropy
Spectral Flux
Spectral Flatness
Spectral Spread
Find Max Amp
Find Clipping dBFS
Find Clipped Peaks
Find Greatest Spectral Bins
Spectral Graph
... more coming

Signal Generation

Grain Texture

Editing Operations

Cut, Copy, Paste
Select all
Make Silent
Snap to Zero Crossings
Signal-Correlated Crossfade

Display Options

Standard Waveform
Points Waveform
Waveform Transparency
Spectrogram w/Adjustable Parameters
Spectrogram Vertical Zoom
Spectral Data Log and Equal Loudness Scaling
Hz Tool (Frequency probing)
Zoom In/Out
Color Customization
Console Window