Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I authorize my computer to run Soundbug?

Authorization instructions can be found here.

Is the Demo version of Soundbug fully functional?

For the most part, yes. The only functionality that is disabled in Demo Mode is Save and Save As...

What is the difference between a perpetual license and a subscription?

A subscription license entitles you to all updates of Soundbug and the BoOm Audio Units, as long as the subscription is active and in good standing. When version 2 is released, you can seamlessly transition to the new version. By contrast, you are billed only one time for a perpetual license and you are entitled to all updates to the current major version of the software (currently v1). When version 2 is released, you will be offered an upgrade at a discounted rate.

If I subscribe to Soundbug, can I cancel at any time?

Yes, there is no durational commitment. However, cancelling a subscription is not the same as a refund. For example, if you cancel an Annual subscription you will continue to be able to use the software for the year. Your account will simply not be auto-renewed next year. The same applies to a monthly subscription.

If I purchase a monthly subscription, can I change the license type later?

 Yes. If you want to switch from a monthly subscription to another license type, simply cancel the monthly subscription and purchase an annual subscription or perpetual license. To avoid paying for multiple licenses with overlapping periods, be sure to make this change at the end of your current subscription period.

Can I install Soundbug on multiple computers?

Each Soundbug license comes with three activations, which can be used to authorize different computers that are owned/used by a single person. For example, someone who has a desktop computer in their home studio and a MacBook could license both computers, and still have a license to spare. The multiple activations should NOT be used to share the software with other individuals, and doing so would be a violation of the End User License Agreement. Academic Institutions and other multi-workstation labs should purchase one license per computer. If purchasing more than 5 licenses, contact us at for a discounted rate.

Will Soundbug work with MacOS 11 (Big Sur)?

Yes, as of version 1.1.0, Soundbug runs on MacOS 11.

Will Soundbug work with older versions of MacOS 10?

Soundbug is built using Apple's latest Core Audio technologies, and as such, it is not compatible with operating systems prior to 10.15. 

Will the BoOm Audio Unit plugins work in other applications?

Yes, if the app supports AUv3 plugins. Boom audio units are built using Apple's latest AUv3 technology. If the plugins do not appear in a particular host application, it may be that the host applications only support AUv2 plugins. Apple is encouraging developers to move to AUv3, so compatibility with other software should improve over time. 

What plugin formats does Soundbug support?

Soundbug currently only supports audio unit v2 and v3 plugins. Support for VST is coming soon.

Can I purchase multiple licenses under the same account?

Yes, each license purchased has a unique serial number, so you can manage your different licenses from a single account. You can also purchase multiple licenses in a single transaction. 

Is there an academic discount for Soundbug?

Yes, students can get 40% off of a Soundbug Perpetual License. There is no academic discount on subscriptions. To get an academic discount you must email a copy of your current student ID to You can purchase the license online at the academic discounted price and send the email later. If we don't receive proof of academic eligibility after 7 days the license will be disabled.

Is there a discount if licenses are purchased in bulk?

Yes. If you'd like to purchase 5 or more licenses contact us at There is not an online option for bulk license purchases.

If I don't like Soundbug, can I get a refund?

We have a strict No Refund policy. We have designed our software so that the licensing process is as simple and transparent as possible. Consequently, we are not able to disable a license once it is installed on your computer. Furthermore, you are able to download and evaluate the software for as long as you want in Demo Mode. If you are really unsure, we suggest purchasing a monthly subscription, which can be canceled at any time. 

What do you do with my personal account information?

We use Shopify as our e-commerce platform. When you create an account through the Boom Audio Technologies website you are actually creating a Shopify account. Your credit card and other personal information is managed by Shopify. They're a trusted and commonly used e-commerce platform.